The Way to Make Kratom Tea: A Beginners Guide

The Best Way to Prepare Kratom Tea

Do not you just love tea? For ages, people from different cultures all over the world have appreciated tea every day, and some more than others. In case you have a Brit buddy, you know what I believe. In its native territory of South East Asia, kratom has traditionally been absorbed by chewing the fresh leaves, or by brewing it into tea. However, there are numerous different ways of swallowing kratom. You’ll come across some people adding kratom to their milkshakes, yogurt, fruit juice, smoothies, washing machine and pitching the powder or even taking kratom capsules.

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Regardless of the numerous methods for consuming kratom, tea remains an absolute favorite among the diatom community. Likewise, there are different ways of brewing kratom tea, though none of them influences its effectiveness or its effects on your body. What matters the most is your preferred storage system, the effect-strength you need, and the amount of effort you are prepared to enter it.

The following is a detailed guide regarding everything there is to know about kratom tea preparation.

Crucial Notes on Kratom Tea Preparation

Before we can move any farther into kratom tea preparation, here’s some critical information you should notice.

Firstly, unlike most of the other plant-based alkaloids, kratom alkaloids are stable in high temperatures. This implies that the danger of kratom losing its effectiveness when it’s exposed to hot water is minimal. Nevertheless, if you would like to retain the organic alkaloid content of your orator, you shouldn’t allow the kratom to boil with the tea water.

Rather than allowing your tea water to boil, you need to bring it to a simmer. Otherwise, let the hot teapot to cool for a minute or so before moving. We also highly recommend that you squeeze a complete lemon in your own tea and allow it to soak before heating. Does the lemon juice to add to the taste, but the juice’s acidic nature will help to keep your kratom’s alkaloid content consistent.

Another highly important note is that, like any other tea, the longer you boil it or let it steep, the stronger it’s effects and flavor will be. Kratom is bitter, and its own flavor continues to deepen the longer it’s submerged in warm water.

You should also keep in mind that plain kratom tea may only survive as many as five days in the fridge. If you would like longevity, you can add alcohol into the beverage as it averts it without undermining its alkaloid content, but then you have a completely different recipe on hand.

Every person’s body is unique, and also how our organs absorb natural chemicals varies from 1 individual to another. That said, you must observe kratom dosing guidelines since you decide the amount of kratom with which to start your recipe. Anyway, we recommend beginning with a gram or two of kratom per cup of tea and boost the concentration as you deem fit.

Different Ways of Making Kratom Tea

Creating kratom tea is a straightforward process that everyone can finish. Traditionally, kratom tea has been prepared by placing the desired dosage into the teapot and enabling the leaves to steep in boiling water for about 20 minutes. Subsequently, the leaves have been strained and then taken as a tea.

On the other hand, the modern-day way of brewing kratom tea is slightly different. Firstly, you need to combine the powder and the water in a pot. Afterward, make it steep in simmer for 10 to 12 minutes, after which the mixture is strained and the filtrate drunk.

The approach one uses to make kratom tea eventually boils down to a question of personal preference. Though some people would rather let it steep for long, for a remarkably strong taste, others would rather have a mild flavor. You should be mindful of the tea’s color. The darker it becomes, the more intense the flavor.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make Kratom Tea

Though brewing kratom tea is a straightforward process, you will better enjoy it if you put aside some time to prepare the tea. Twenty minutes to half an hour should be sufficient to create the tea and a few to drink it. Doing this won’t only allow you to find the best effects but also ensure your kratom tea tastes better.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how best to earn kratom tea in your home.

You will require the following:

  • Kettle or Teapot
  • Kratom Powder
  • Strainer or cheesecloth
  • Water


  • Bring 1 and a half cups of water in a standard pot and bring it to a gentle boil
  • Add pre-measured kratom powder in the simmering water
  • Lower the heat on the stove and allow the kratom mix to seethe for 10 minutes
  • Keep an eye on the tea’s color. If it turns yellow or deep orange, remove the pot from the heat
  • Place the strainer or cheesecloth on your own mug and pour your kratom mixture
  • You can choose to discard the residue gathered on the sieve or store it for later usage

As you can see, the process is relatively quick and simple to follow.

If you want to hide the bitter kratom flavor, then you can flavor the tea with sugar, honey, stevia or even cinnamon. Are you a lover of cold brew? Don’t hesitate to pour the drink over ice or put it in the refrigerator for a few moments.

In the event that you were concerned that the heat may reduce the alkaloid content of your kratom, you can slice a lemon in half and squeeze its juice in the mix before heating. Therefore, the acidity in the lemon will safeguard the integrity of their alkaloids. What’s more, it provides a citrusy flavor to your beverage.

Well, this is merely the fundamental kratom tea recipe, but once you’ve mastered it, you can further experimentation and apply your techniques for creating the perfect tea.

Have a look at one of our favorite recipes that don’t involve heating.

Sun Tea Recipe

Regardless of the temperature, leaves often discharge taste when wet. However, unlike hot water which infuses with the flavor quicker, cold water takes a bit more time. What is more, though different aspects differ with varying temperatures, one method does not create more flavor than another.

Making sun tea is an exciting way to brew your kratom tea in large amounts. Even though it is super easy, the procedure provides you this distinctive DIY feeling.

What You Will Need

  • One-gallon jug or container
  • 1 1/2 or 2 cups of water or the Suitable amount
  • Kratom powder/leaf of your desirable strain
  • Teabags or balls

How to Do it

Put the desired amount of water in the jug or container. Subsequently, it is possible to choose whether to use tea bags or include the pre-measured kratom powder and allow it to float freely, then breed it out later.

The amount of tea bags you decide to use is completely your choice, although we recommend that you fill the bags using kratom leaf and not powder. What is more, you can use anywhere from seven to ten luggage according to your preference.

The one downside to this method is that the weather must be bright, or it may not work well. With that said, find a sunny place and place your container. You would like to let it bask in the sun for at least an hour, up to five hours. Feel free to move your jug anytime to keep it warm.

How to Enjoy It

For a decorative and protective garnish, you can slice up a few lemon and lime circles. If you’re working immediately, you might too enjoy a chilly beverage by adding a few ice cubes into the jug.

Given that this process exposes the kratom to a good deal of sunlight, your kratom tea might not be as powerful as the one you’d brew on a cooker. Ultraviolet rays can cause the alkaloid content at a kratom batch to deteriorate.

Nevertheless, this recipe is perfect for a get-together, and you are able to save the stronger pot-made tea for the evening.

Drawbacks of Using Kratom Tea

The most frequent drawback is that drinking the tea for longer than two minutes in warmth can make it bitter, which makes it hard to consume.

Another demerit is that kratom powder includes a marginally diminished sedating effect. It is somewhat typical in tea form as opposed to powder form. Notwithstanding these minor issues, taking kratom in tea form continues to be effective, valuable, cost-effective, not to mention practical for most.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. As you’ve learned, which makes kratom tea is an enjoyable and straightforward method to take your kratom. Even though kratom alkaloids are stable at high temperatures, don’t allow your kratom mix to boil. Simmering in warm water has been demonstrated to produce remarkable results. Again, the longer you let it steep, the stronger its effects.

What’s more, including lemon juice can keep the alkaloid content of your atom due to the acidic nature.

Regrettably, kratom tea does not create the very best pain-relieving and sedating effects. Otherwise, if you are aiming to enhance your mood and get an energy boost, kratom tea is an excellent means to eat your kratom.