Bitter Orange Extract: Health Benefits, Usage and Side Effects

Oranges are a few of the most popular and healthy fruits out there. This bitter and sweet citrus fruit is enjoyed worldwide for its sweet flavor and numerous applications. They are recognized as a rich source of vitamin C and are often suggested by nutritionists to be contained in the diet for a variety of reasons.

There are many varieties of oranges, some on the sweeter side while some tend to be towards the bitter side. Among these, perhaps the very bitter one is that the Citrus aurantium, also known as the bitter orange or Seville orange. True to its title, it’s often believed to be the most bitter oranges offered and is the only used to make orange marmalade.

Bitter Orange Extract: Still safe, researcher reasserts in new review

While the fruit itself is used for a variety of motives, the peel is mainly discarded. However, the extract derived from the Seville orange has several uses of its own. Bitter orange extract is believed to have some health advantages which make it an occasional inclusion among the various ingredients in health supplements.

The potency of the sour orange extract is derived from a powerful chemical Chemical known as synephrine. It has characteristics very similar to that of many performance-boosting and fat burning chemical compounds.

This 100% natural and fruit-based ingredient has been subjected to a great amount of research recently. The cause behind this write-up is to present comprehensive coverage of the various health advantages that bitter orange extract has come to be famous for. By these means, we shall highlight why bitter orange extract is used in supplements. With that being said, let us see what this citrus fruit has to offer.

Health Benefits of Bitter Orange Extract

Weight loss

Research has shown that the consumption of supplements containing bitter Orange extract might help in weight reduction. The absorption of synephrine contributes to a very powerful thermogenic effect that effectively burns off the unwanted fat deposits from certain fatty regions of the body such as the belly, thighs, stomach etc..

The pungency of sour orange extract, that is, synephrine provides a good Amount of biochemical energy to burn off fat. The energy obtained from theemogeof fat deposits is used to supply you with sufficient energy to not get tired during the weight loss regime.

What’s more, the bitter orange extract has been shown to enhance the speed of metabolism and make the consumer feel more full, thereby helping in weight reduction.

Indigestion problems

Oranges themselves are usually given when feeling nauseated or unwell. Studies have demonstrated that the sour orange extract is supremely effective in helping to treat acid reflux and other indigestion problems such as stomach issues and heartburn.

Synephrine is very strong but it has a very soothing effect on the interior lining Of the digestive tract. In other words, your digestive tract helps to maneuver digested food more openly. Its acidic properties aid in better absorption of food particles as well as also the elimination of undigested components.

Moreover, the ingestion of the sour orange extract also calms the stomach and Prevents the creation of acidity.

Good for your skin

It’s a very well known fact that sour orange infusion is a Superb source of Vitamin C. This form of the vitamin is nicely documented for being really great for the skin as a result of the rich content of antioxidants. Research has revealed that bitter orange extract rounds upward as being exceptionally great for the skin. The free radicals created by the skin’s exposure to the sun’s UV rays, pollution and other environmental elements damage the cellular structure making up the skin’s epidermis. When the free radicals aren’t detoxified, they could cause skin dryness, loss of natural elasticity, roughness and premature signs of aging.

The rich content of antioxidants in sour orange extract goes on to detoxify the Body from these types of free radicals and protect your skin from further damage. The association of bitter orange extract with skincare has been known for centuries now. Essential oils derived from the peel and owers of those orange fruits are employed on the skin even in early civilizations. Even traditional medication meant for skincare has been utilizing this citrus infusion for ages.

May boost physical performance

Studies have theorized that the consumption of sour orange extract can Help in boosting the body’s overall performance in physically demanding activities. This is primarily based on the fact that the functionality of synephrine is very similar to that of ephedra, a performance-boosting a chemical compound that has been banned from utilization. Synephrine is considered the safer alternative to ephedra since it performs exactly the identical set of functionalities but comes with no major side effects to be concerned about.

However, the effectiveness of bitter orange extract for a performance booster Is still debatable as most of the time, this citrus infusion is blended with other established and secure stimulants like caffeine, taurine and tyrosine.

There’s still the need for a great deal of research to be conducted in order to Truly establish bitter orange extract as a performance-enhancing ingredient. However, it has to be noted here that the security parameters of this bitter orange extract have already been confirmed.

Helps to control diabetes

Some test-tube experiments have shown that the intake of sour orange Extract helps people with type 2 diabetes manage their blood glucose levels better. This study involved the administration of sour orange infusion through orange juice into a group of subjects having type 2 diabetes to get a 1 month period. It was found that their blood glucose levels diminished significantly. However, it is to be noted that the same results can also be obtained from the consumption of other citrus juices like lemon juice.

Possible side effects

Bitter orange extract, or for this matter, orange juice is absolutely safe and healthy to consume. But this applies so long as you aren’t with an excess of it. The usage of excess orange juice could lead to some side effects such as headaches, nausea, and increased sensitivity to the sun. But, one needed to drink for a lot of orange juice in order to experience these side effects. Adhering to bitter orange extract supplements (mainly intended for vitamin C deficiency), the overuse of these products might trigger some serious unwanted effects such as abnormal heart rate, nausea and unconsciousness. For people opting to take supplements, they are advised to consult their doctor on their intake.


Oranges are widely famous for being healthy and nutritious fruits with Numerous health advantages. You can happily drink a chilled glass of orange juice or enjoy some marmalade whenever you desire, but don’t eat too much Of it and disturb your stomach. Nutritional supplements of sour orange extract should be consumed with care as their Excessive usage may lead to several side effects. Get a medical consultation Before you try them. Once you have taken care of those particulars, you can enjoy your oranges Even more now that you know what health benefits they take!